The Fly by Night Musicians Club is a not for profit community musicians club and music venue located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia.




An Invitation From Ben Lee

Ben Lee played the Fly By Night Musicians Club, Friday 13 May 2005 with support from New Buffalo.

Hey All.

Just a short note to let you know I’ll be coming home to play some shows in May to celebrate the release of my new record Awake Is The New Sleep.

It’s been a pretty cool year so far and I’m working hard to stand behind this record with all the tenacity I can muster. I’ve put together a sweet 5 piece band led by my long-term collaborator Lara Meyerratken.  We’ve been doing a bunch of shows to launch the album over here in the U.S., and we just played Conan O’brien the other night.  We’re getting ready to head out on a 6 week co-headline tour of America with Harmar Superstar which should be a nightly party.

But the best thing has been beginning to feel the response of my fans to the new album. It’s an album that I poured my whole heart into, and it seems like people get that.  In Australia I was totally overwhelmed by the public reaction to Gamble Everything For Love and seeing it chart so highly on the hottest 100 was quite a coup.  We’re just at the start of this campaign and there are long battles ahead, but I’m determined to get this music to every corner of the world that I can reach.

So in the immortal words of Timothy ‘Speed’ Levitch, this tour is for “all the soldiers of bliss who, though trapped deep behind enemy lines, strut”.

Big Love,
-Ben Lee

Ben Lee 13 May 2005


050513-New Buffallo