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Machine Gun Preacher
Friday 1st September 2017

Machine Gun Preacher

An evening with

Doors Open:

Bar 6.30pm Main Doors 7.30pm

Pre sale Tickets:

$34.50 inc B.F.

Door Tickets;

$37.00 inc B.F.

HAPPY HOUR:630 – 7.30pm

The Real Machine Gun Preacher (not the Hollywood Gerard Butler) is coming to Fremantle!  The reason Sam is here is to share his story – the journey that took him to Sudan to rescue child soldiers from rebel armies. Sam Childers has rescued over 1500 children and in 2013 he received the Mother Teresa Award for International Social Justice (the largest award of its type in the world for International Social Justice) and he’s the only American ever to be bestowed with that honour (the Dalai Lama and UK House of Lords rep, Baroness Caroline Cox were also bestowed with this award in previous years).

In 1998, Sam arrived in the village of Yei, Southern Sudan. The African nation was in the midst of the Second Sudanese War, and Sam, urged by his Pastor in America, had joined a mission group to help repair huts damaged in the conflict. During this assignment Sam stumbled across the body of a child torn apart by a landmine. He fell to his knees and made a pledge to God to do whatever it took to help the people of Southern Sudan.

Sam returned to Sudan several months later to run a mobile clinic. To fulfill his promise he ventured far across the nation, from the western town of Yei to the eastern villages of Boma. While passing the village of Nimule, on the Ugandan border, God sent him a message: I want you to build an orphanage for the children, God said. And I want you to build it here.

The local people though he was mad. At the time, the Lord’s Resistance Army, a brutal rebel militia that had kidnapped 30,000 children and murdered hundreds of thousands of villagers, was laying waste to the area. But Sam was adamant: God had told him to build the orphanage in Nimule and that’s where he was going to build it. He returned to the U.S.A, sold his construction business and sent the money to Africa.

Slowly the orphanage began to take shape. During the day Sam cleared the brush and built the huts that would house the children. During the evening, he slept under a mosquito net slung from a tree: bible in one hand, AK47 in the other. With the orphanage finished, Sam began to lead armed missions to rescue children from the LRA. It wasn’t long before tales of his exploits spread and villagers began to call him.

“The Machine Gun Preacher.”


(People under 18+ are welcome to attend this special event as long as they are accompanied by a guardian) 



“Good morning! MGP here. Leading up to my event at Fly By Night I’d like to offer everyone the chance of seeing the Hollywood movie Machine Gun Preacher.

This is the movie made about my life and it stars Gerard Butler as yours truly. Up until the 1st of September you can stream the movie for free! Share the link with your friends too. It would be appreciated though if you kept the sharing of the link to friends and family that live in Perth.

Move link:
Password to access film: RobWalker

Rob walkeЯ is our local Perth contact and ambassador. If anyone is in the media or has friends in the media and you’d like to run a story/interview on my visit please email Rob Walker at

ENJOY THE FILM! – MGP 😎” – Machine Gun Preacher (Facebook post). 

There will also be a short guest appearance by local MGP Ambassador Rob Walker


(Below Sam Childers & Gerard Butler)


(Above Sam Childers & Rob Walker)

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