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Kavisha Mazzella
Thursday 12th April 2018

Kavisha Mazzella

WEST meets East!

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Kavisha Mazzella is  an ARIA award winning singer songwriter who does not believe in world music.It’s just music!!! Music unites us and creating imaginary titles such as world music is silly! She enjoys crossing musical boundaries and create community experiences in her shows.She first came to national attention with her appearance in the Franco Di Chiera documentary ” Joys Of The Women” in 1993. Drawing on her rich multicultural heritage she creates contemporary songs with haunting melody and lyrical depth. While her early influences come from the singer songwriter tradition of the likes of Sandy Denny,Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, over time due to her passion for italian regional folksong,she has absorbed influence from the East with its modal tones and ecstatic singing styles of  Indian,Arabic, Southern Italian and Gypsy influenced song and links these with western folk music influences.Other influences that have made an impression on Kavisha’s music are her interest in meditation and mysticism through the teachings of Osho ,Sufi ,Tibetan Buddhist Masters and Advaita teachings.

Her  cds “Mermaids in  the Well” (1995),Fisherman’s Daughter(1998) “Silver Hook Tango “(2003) Love and Sorrow (2011)  Riturnella (2014) and The Fearless Note (2017) are available through her independant label Mazzella Music in Australia. She is a winner of  various awards including  the 1998 ARIA for her album ” Fisherman’s Daughter”, Silver Hook Tango was Nominated for an ARIA in 2004. Kavisha recieved the Italia Nel Mondo Award in 2000 for her contribution to the sharing of Italian Culture in Australia through setting up of Italian Women’s choirs and West Australia Music Industry awards for songwriting.In 2004 she was awarded PORT FAIRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR. In 2008 Kavisha was awarded Multicultural Commission Excellence award. In 2011 Kavisha was awarded an Australia Day Honour for her contribution to music and serving the community.

CHOIRS:Since the late eighties Kavisha has  also been collecting Italian popular and folk songs remembered by  Italian migrants arranging them in Choral form to be sung and kept alive by the choirs ‘Le Gioie Delle Donne (Joys of The Women)  in Fremantle West Australia  and “La Voce Della Luna” (Voice Of The Moon) in Melbourne Victoria.She directs community choir” The Moon’s A Balloon ” for people whose lives are touched by mental illness which is sponsored by Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria .Kavisha also leads “Coro Del Oro” Ballarat Italian Choir.

FESTIVALS Her shows have people singing along before they know it. Since 1990,She has performed extensively and also run songwriting and choral workshops at music festivals such as Maleny,Woodford Folk Festivals and International festivals such as  Edinburough Fringe,Cork Arts Festival,Australia Festival Dublin.Brunswick Music festival and Port Fairy.

THEATRE; 1990-2003 Composed and performed for DDeckChair Theatre Fremantle WA  with Angela Chaplin . In 2011-12 Kavisha collaborated with one of India’s top actors Arjun Raina and the Colonial ,the Convict ,the Cockatoo a show exploring Australian History.Kavisha collaborated with Author actor and storyteller Andrew Lindsay ” Mermaids in the Well and the Devil’s on my shoulder!”and with author Arnold Zable In the 2 man show” Anytime The Wind Can Change’ inspiring tales of  Australia’s indigenous people,immigrants and refugees.

Victorian Women’s trust invited KAvisha to be a Watermark champion.Watermark is a community discussion about our most precious resource- water.They also commissioned Kavisha to write a womens Anthem “Love and Justice”to celebrate 100 years of the Suffrage in Victoria

“Kavisha sings with the voice of a heartbroken angel”
Victoria Laurie, The Australian

Whether working solo or with others,Kavisha has carved a strong reputation as a performer, songmaker, composer ,theatre worker and teacher.playing guitar,mandolin,piano accordian , it is her hauntingly beautiful voice,capable of power and nuance ,humour and spontaneity on stage that makes no two shows alike.In her music the East meets West and tracks the journeys of many migrants in the world.

Singing in English and Italian, Kavisha’s songs come from the heart and take you on a witty, joyful, poetic journey .She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

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The Fly by Night Musicians Club is a not for profit community musicians club and music venue located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia.

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