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THE CONTOUR – Album Launch
Saturday 20th October 2018

THE CONTOUR – Album Launch

Now at The Fly By Night

Doors Open:


Door Tickets Available:

 $25.00 this includes a CD.



PUNCH BUG       9-9:45PM

THE CONTOUR    10-11:00PM

ROB WALKER    1:15-11:50PM





NOTE: This event is now held at THE FLY BY NIGHT.


The Contour, formally known as Chapman, have been rockin’ Perth and surrounding suburbs since 2015. Evolving from soloist Conan Chapman’s thirst for good music and a need to record that full-band rock sound, the Metallica-obsessed, guitar-playing teenager made his way over from Adelaide to Perth to pursue his passion. Later teaming up with Anthony Eagleton (bass) and two additional members, ‘Chapman’ created music together for two years.

After their drummer and keyboard player left the band, Daniel Piccioni (drums) and Dan Slee (keys) joined, collectively bringing the glue into the fold.

Chapman was soon rebirthed as The Contour.

Now fiercely focused on cementing themselves into the rock genre, the four-piece rock outfit have been a powerful creative force since.

“The band has been heading down a new path musically and we felt that The Contour represented our new found direction better than somebody’s last name”. – Conan Chapman (lead singer/guitarist).

Playing stages all over this isolated city, The Contour already have an EP under their belt and their self-titled album is set for release October 5th.

The basis of their sound, driven by love, life and anything in between, connects with its audience on a deeper level, communicating both world and personal issues. But their catchy, mellow-rock attributes still guarantee you’ll want to get up and groove.

Their debut song, April’s First Wish, is a prime example. It thinks beyond our own personal experiences to explore someone else’s reality – a homeless, pregnant woman in Perth. Whilst the band still write about love and life, leftfield thinking and problematic issues within society are equally as important.

Although greatly influenced by heavy-rock riffs, the band’s musical DNA also combines blues, funk and jazz. The Contour create a solid, raw, energetic and contagious feel – one which is never bound by barriers.

“What we’re writing at the moment is a commercialised style. Those ebbs and flows. Trying to make it as pleasing to the ear and as easy to sing to. There’s no rocks and hills in the way of that flow”.

Despite starting off as a lone journey, The Contour is very much a ‘team’ band now. “Friendship between us guys is paramount and we like to think we portray that on stage”.

This bond is embedded into their song writing structure too, with the four members writing most of their music together. “I really dig it because we’re all open-minded. The back and forth between the band means a song isn’t complete until everyone puts their part in”. – Conan Chapman.

The Contour’s music repertoire has seen them support local/international Machine Gun Preacher Ambassador Rob Walker, world renowned Noongar artist Phil Walley Stack, international hard rock touring act Ragdoll and WAM winners/Big Sound entrants The Little Lord Street Band.

“Over our 30 + years championing original live music, not all acts that have taken our main stage have or even can rise to the occasion. The Contour easily command the big stage with authentic ease delivering crowds their own style anthemic stadium rock, yet the band is also able to provide smaller audiences with a tangible connection through raw emotion and song writing integrity.

You could except to hear their song ‘Ctrl, Alt Delete’ being an anthem for many tean-angst filled TV shows and maybe you will! The Contour outline, represent and bound the shape of the world they sing about and are destined for bigger things”. – Fly By Night Musicians Club (est 1986).

Influenced by Powderfinger, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20 and Thirsty Merc, The Contour’s self-titled album has been recorded at Avalon Studios, Perth. They have self-produced and mixed it with Tony Bertone, and mastered by Turtlerock’s Rick O’Neil. Rick has worked with Silverchair, Pearl Jam and Bon Jovi.

Armed with a coaster bus, the boys are making big plans for their future and are looking forward to tours of regional WA and the Eastern States.

Catch the boys live for their album release, set to be launched at The Fly By Night.



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