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The Jerry Cans
Friday 3rd March 2017

The Jerry Cans

Plus special guest Mary G

Doors Open:


Limited Door Tickets Available:

$39.50 inc B.F.

Doors open 7.00pm

7.30-7.50pm  John Ralph

8.00-8.20pm  Carmel Charlton Trio

8.20-8.40pm Cat Among Pigeons

9.00-9.40pm Mary G

10.00-11pm The Jerry Cans




Plus special guest

Mary G


Way above the tree line, you’ll find the Jerry Cans, a band that is on a mission to tell you more – a lot more –
about Canada’s North.
The Jerry Cans fuse Inuk throat singing with the fire and energy of a rock band in a packed bar. Add a hint of
reggae, the gruff passion of country noir, powerful fiddle parts and rough-hewn vocals in two disparate
languages and you get a sound that recalls The Pogues’ Celtic punk and the frenetic Canadian roots rock of
Spirit of the West.
The band’s mash-up of musical influences flows from their roots in the Arctic, where the first European
explorers from Scotland and Scandinavia brought accordions and fiddles and bodhrans. Nancy Mike, the only
Inuk member, featured throat singer and accordionist, grew up in Pangnirtung, a hub for Inuktitut folk music.
With the exception of violinist Gina Burgess, who travels between Halifax and Iqaluit, the rest of the Jerry
Cans are all from Iqaluit, Nunavut’s fast-changing capital, where people from all over the Arctic and the world
Andrew Morrison, the band’s singer, main songwriter and engaging front man is a former Northern CBC
Radio producer who’s lived in Iqaluit almost all his life. Morrison, the band’s main songwriter, has become
fluent in Inuktitut, and he had a major incentive to do so. When he asked Nancy Mike’s unilingual father for
permission to marry her, his answer was yes – on condition that he “learn to speak.” Now the couple has two
young babies – Laivi and Viivi – who often travel with the band.
Bassist Brendan Doherty and drummer Steve Rigby met back in grade school and grew up listening to
Nunavut rock bands, along with traditional performances at community cultural events. They picked up
instruments and experimented with hard rock and metal before heading south for university.
The band has toured in Greenland, performed at WOMAD events in Australia and New Zealand, and played
major festivals across southern Canada, from the Maritimes to British Columbia. Between festivals the band
has played clubs and special events from Toronto to Sydney and from Ottawa to Nome, Alaska.


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Dan Sultan ‘Cancelled’

Dan Sultan ‘Cancelled’

The Fly by Night Musicians Club is a not for profit community musicians club and music venue located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia.

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