The Fly by Night Musicians Club is a not for profit community musicians club and music venue located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia.




Bob Brozman

Bob Brozman at the Fly By Night, 20 September 2008

A legend in the world of blues and roots music, who integrated styles from around the world, Brozman was one of the world’s most beloved musical figures. His uniquely bold playing style and banter with the audience gave him the opportunity not just to entertain with his sharp wit, but also challenge core assumptions about the function of rhythm and sound. Brozman was a world traveler who thrived on collaborating with the best musicians he could find from many different musical traditions.

Bob Brozman, the steel-guitar innovator who got his start playing on the streets of Santa Cruz, has died at age 59, April 23, 2013.

The Fly By Night Musicians Club Board & Staff are shocked and saddened by learning of his passing. He was a gentleman and a very creative soul. The club was honoured to have the pleasure of hosting several memorable performances by Bob Brozman over the years, and he lovingly refered to the club as the “Carnegie Hall” of Fremantle.

Bob Brozman’s family and friends desire to carry out Bob’s vision in the creation of a foundation, Global Music Aid, to help third-world musicians obtain instruments, strings, tuning gears, and basic recording equipment. To donate please go to


Photo Credit Lord Byron


Photo Credit Lord Byron

Photo Credit Lord Byron

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